AIM Consulting

We support CAAs, ANSPs, Airports, Airlines and their providers with the use of the right technology in the safest and most efficient way. We provide advice and support on the ICAO AIS to AIM roadmap, AIXM, eAIP, ADQ…


Migration to eAIP and AIXM

Our consultants have tremendous experience in migrating from paper or PDF-only AIP to a fully electronic AIP driven by an AIXM database. This migration is a key milestone on the ICAO AIS to AIM roadmap. We assist CAAs and ANSPs to smoothly cross that bridge towards modern aeronautical information operations.

AIM Training

Nilacandi’s trainers are keen to transfer their knowledge to other aviation professionals and train them to apply new technologies to their daily work. Our trainings are hands-on, consisting of a perfect mix of theory and practice. Topics include:
  1. Efficient use of eAIPs
  2. eAIP edition
  3. eAIP styling and layout customisation (for Web designers and XML developers)
  4. AIP office operations, the AIM way
  5. AIXM 5.x for AIP editors
  6. AIXM 5.x for Cartographers
  7. eAIP and AIXM migration methodology

We also prepare custom trainings in tight collaboration with our customers to train new staff or to refresh the knowledge of seasoned personnel.

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AIM Software Development

We offer custom software development related to AIM technologies:

  1. Custom eAIP styling and layout for HTML and PDF formats
  2. Custom software to automatically generate eAIP content based on AIXM or other data sources, including for Synclude GroupVerve and Comsoft CADAS-EPS software products
  3. Software development for data format conversion and automated quality control
  4. Any custom software development requiring expert knowledge of XML, HTML, CSS, XSL-FO, XSLT, Javascript or Java.

Request For Proposals (RFP)

Are you preparing a call for tender for an AIM system? We can assist with the following:

  1. Collecting your own functional and technical requirements
  2. Writing a draft request for proposal (RFP) or reviewing the one you prepared
  3. Define your tender selection criteria
  4. Evaluating and comparing tenders, understanding their jargon

With Nilacandi’s assistance during your call for tenders procedure, you have independent AIM experts on your side. We make sure that your list of requirements matches your actual needs, as opposed to matching commercial brochures. Then, we scrutinise the bids you receive and verify that they closely match your requirements.

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