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Nilacandi is a company based in Brussels, Belgium, founded in 2014 by Mr Benoit Maisonny with a presence in Malawi to serve the AFI region, Myanmar, and Denpasar to serve the APAC (Asia and Pacific regions). We are specialised in Aeronautical Information Management (AIM). 

IFAIMA Gold Member

Nilacandi is proud to be a gold member of IFAIMA, the International Federation of Aeronautical Information Management Associations, defending the interests of AIM, COM and FDP personnel worldwide.



Benoit Maisonny

Mr. Benoit Maisonny is the founder and Director of Nilacandi, he has gained thorough AIM experience since 2001 with aviation-sector organisations worldwide:

  • Europe: ACFTPerfo, Eurocontrol, Navblue, Belgium (Skeyes, formerly Belgocontrol), Estonia (EANS), France (SIA), Georgia (Sakaeronavigatsia), Slovenia (Slovenia Control), The Netherlands (LVNL)
  • Africa: Egypt (NANSC), Ghana (GCAA), Malawi (MDCA), Nigeria (NAMA)
  • Middle-East: Kuwait (KATS), Oman (PACA), Qatar (QCAA), UAE (GCAA)
  • Asia: Cambodia (CATS, SSCA), Indonesia (DGCA, STPI Curug), Malaysia (Novatis for CAAM), Myanmar (MDCA), Singapore (CAAS), Vietnam (VNAIC)
  • Americas: Jeppesen, Peru (CORPAC)
Benoit Maisonny

Jeremiah Gondwe

Jeremiah Gondwe is Nilacandi’s AFI Region Manager. With a Systems Analyst and Projects Implementation Background, he worked as a consultant for several government ministries and departments, the Malawi Parliament, and the Reserve Bank of Malawi. He is an expert in document/content management systems and workflow management.
Since 2012, he has been working with the Malawi Department of Civil Aviation, implementing eAIP, Flight Plan, NOTAM, and aeronautical billing systems.

Kyaw Thet Khine

A system Engineer with expertise in linux, automation and containerization. He is well-experienced in AIXM, eAIP, NOTAM, Flight Planning and GIS. He worked as an ATC for nine years and an AIS officer for over six years. He is currently working as a System Engineer and AIM consultant for Nilacandi SRL.

Fathan Adinalendra

An Aviation Safety professional with over three years of experience, currently working as a Junior Aeronautical Information Management Specialist for the APAC region. He is fluent in English and German. Fathan has expertise in AIS/AIM, product communication, brand activation, and business development. He holds certifications in various air traffic control procedures and safety management systems. Fathan also has a background in Public Administration and Germanic languages. His skills include AIXM, international sales, marketing strategy, teamwork, and customer service.